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Tips on Preparing for Kidney Dialysis

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Patients who are having kidney dialysis for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. However, with a little bit of preparation, patients will be able to handle the dialysis comfortably and seamlessly.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for kidney dialysis.

Eat Properly

A good diet is essential when patients are going through dialysis. When kidneys work, they filter the waste materials from the blood and this waste is subsequently flushed out of the body through urination. When kidneys do not function the correct way, dialysis becomes essential. Hence, patients are advised a renal diet, which is low in potassium and protein. This means that patients would have to limit their intake of milk, bananas, meats and other foods that have high content of potassium or protein. The specialist also will restrict the patient’s intake of fluid. Patients should carefully follow the food intake and fluid restriction to ensure that the dialysis goes off smoothly and effectively.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Before the dialysis begins, doctors prescribe certain medicines for their patients. These medicines help the dialysis to be as successful as possible and could include medications to control fluid retention, itching and blood pressure. Patients should take these medications as directed.


Kidney dialysis is a long drawn procedure and can be extremely boring. Hence, patients should plan ways to keep themselves entertained during the procedure. Depending upon where the port or fistula is located, patients can listen to music, play handheld video games or read a book. However, before taking entertainment, check with the doctor whether it is alright to bring it in.

Educate Yourself

Find out as much as possible about kidney dialysis. Patients should speak to their specialists at length to find out as much as possible about the procedure and what to expect on their first dialysis treatment. This will prepare patients mentally and they will be better equipped to handle the treatment better, without being overly afraid or frightened.

Port Care

After the dialysis finishes, there will be a fistula or port that was used to filter the waste from the bloodstream. Patients must speak to their specialists on proper care of the port to prevent infection. Usually, nurses or hospital technicians advise patients on how to care for the port and also educate patients about the different methods of keeping is clean and infection-free.


Renal Transplant Coordinator,
The Deccan Hospital.