Nephrology Hospitals in Hyderabad


Deccan has international expertise in handling serious illnesses. The best care is available in its (Medical Intensive Care Unit) MICU that ensures special care on a multi-disciplinary basis. A wide array of illnesses is handled with precision, ensuring the best medical attention.

Why best care at Deccan MICU ?

. The physicians are well-equipped to deal with critical cases and are certified in critical care.

. The medical equipment serves the needs of the MICU, as the patient will get the best medical attention of world-class level.

. The environ in the MICU is geared towards quick recovery.

. Both internal medicine and pulmonary medicine are well taken care of.

. The nurses in MICU have critical care training that make sure that patient is not neglected in anyway. Nurse anesthetists are   well-qualified and can deal with critical situations in an expert manner. 

The Deccan MICU has an array of specialist dealing with the situation, such as respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, physical and occupational as well as speech therapists, social workers and so forth who are adept at their work. No compromises are made in care and the patient is of utmost importance. Negligence is a far cry from daily treatment. Perfection in treatment approach is what Deccan MICU strongly adheres to..

Why approach Deccan MICU ?

. Families do take part in the caring processes.

. Physicians and nurses provide much reassurance to the patient and his or her relatives.

. The physicians handling critical cases are highly qualified. 

. One can expect critical care of high standard.

. The staff consisting of physicians and other clinical staff are well- versed in their respective field as they attend conferences, both national as well international and publish papers. 

Deccan knows what is good for a critically ill patient . The motto adopted for patient recovery is “Get Well Soon”. The strong belief among the staff is that the patient must get well soon and that is exactly why critical patients prefer to be treated at Deccan MICU.

Is Deccan MICU Environ medically fit ?

Yes, for this very reason the critical care is excellent and the patient can expect early recovery. He or she is in dependable hands. The relatives of the critical patient know well that the treatment is not compromised in any way.

Does Deccan take in all patients in ICU ?

Deccan is well aware of excessive medical costs that can perturb the patient and naturally the medical costs are budget-friendly. The MICU caters well, although the expenditure is within one's budget reach.

A critically ill patient on hand, then do not hesitate to avail the Deccan MICU medical facilities. Get over your feeling of being neglected or not being treated properly. You are certainly in safe hands.

Deccan MICU has treated innumerable critically ill patients successfully. The focus is on the patient as soon as he or she is admitted. The friendly disposition of the nursing staff does minimize the pain and agony that one undergoes as a patient. Deccan is your best bet in critical care.