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Webinar about Indian Hospitals at Harvard Business School

Indian hospitals and doctors are setting a world class standard in the medical profession.  Costs of medical expenses are much lower compared to any other country.  Indian hospitals have state of the art medical facilities and they use advanced medications to treat diseases. Professor Govindaraj and Ravi Ramamurthy studied the hospitals in India from a closer angle and they speak about how India is able to offer world class medical facilities.

The webinar over all addresses the problems of increasing medical costs in countries like USA and UK. They share some interesting aspects about how health care can be made affordable to people.  They highlight the example of the Indian hospital scenario which is developing consistently despite of the fact that the insurance industry is not accessible for everyone.

The webinar was conducted on Feb 11th, 2014. The speakers of the event are highly regarded for their proficiency in their field of research.  Mr. Vijay Govindarajan is the Earl C. Daum in Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  Mr. Ravi Ramamurti is a professor of International Business sand Strategy in Northeastern University.

They coauthored the HRB article called  ‘”Delivering World-Class Health Care, Affordably.” This article gives us deep insights about how complicated the medical industry has become. Finally they do highlight the importance to simplify this scenario by learning from countries like India.