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Neuro Surgery

Neurological disorders can create havoc with our body system and it is essential that immediate medical attention is given to prevent life-long disability. Expert medical care and that too urgently, needs to be administered to the patient and Deccan is oriented towards complete re-habilitation of the patient.


Neuro-surgery involves sensitive parts of our body system such as the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves as well as the extra- cranial cerebrovascular system. Naturally, if the brain is affected in anyway due to perhaps high blood pressure resulting in stroke etc. the patient can become dysfunctional completely. The same applies to spinal cord injuries. Deccan has on board well-qualified and well-experienced neuro-surgeons who have the requisite experience to treat neuro- patients.

How has Deccan established and retained its name  ?

On account of top-notch infrastructure and caring and sensitive management team, the Deccan neuro-surgeons have attained much distinction in their efforts to treat patients, especially in the following specific medical cases:

. Skull base surgery.

. Spine surgery.

. Peripheral nerve.

. Interventional neuro-radiology.

. Neuropathology.

. Rehabilitation.

. Other medical problems as well.

Why be treated by Deccan Neuro- surgeons ?

Why not? They possess the required expertise and know-how and have the required international exposure as having attended conferences and published papers, thus enriching themselves professionally. Their professional world revolves around ensuring that the patient is provided the best care and is not subjected to discomfort. Much concentration is on ensuring that the recovery is to the best extent possible in case it is a severe case and to re-habilitate him back into society again.

The agony that a patient undergoes on account of neurological problems is well-understood by the neuro-surgeons and the empathy and extra care showered upon them itself acts as a soothing factor to calm the already disturbed nerves.

What are the special medical techniques used ?

. Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

. CT scanning.

. MRI.

. Stereotactic surgery.

. Endoscopic endonasal surgery.

. Other latest techniques that are in use abroad as well.

Neuro-care requires total commitment on the part of the surgeons and staff as well as the management to ensure that patient's health complications are dealt adeptly.

It is fast paced technology world today, and neuro-sciences are under- going rapid changes. Deccan management under the expert guidance of Dr. Surender Reddy, Chairman of the hospitals is going out of the way to provide the latest in neurology and it is but natural that patients and their relatives need to think twice about approaching Deccan. Deccan is where you should be for full- recovery or if not maximum recovery.