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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric is a specialty that concerns itself with children, infants, fetuses, adolescents as well as young adults. Child care is definitely not all that easy and parents simply expect a lot from the surgeon. Deccan pays special attention to ensure that a child patient is provided with the best medical attention. The day-to-day care of the child patient is given top priority and families are also well-advised in medical issues concerning the child.

Deccan pediatric infra-structure care:

. ICU.

. Pediatric Intensive Care.

. Nursing care

. New born incubators.

. Excellent OPD.

Pediatric diagnosis clinical expertise:

. Thoracic.

. Advanced laparoscopy.

. Abdominal.

. Airway, oncology surgery.

. Specialized treatment of burns and trauma.

. Transplantation of kidney, lung and liver.

Deccan Pediatric Diagnosis:

Deccan never goes wrong in its diagnosis of child issues. Qualified pediatricians are experts in the field and immediately identify the health issues on hand.

Role of Management in Deccan Pediatric Care:

Deccan Chairman, Dr. Surender Reddy has certainly ensured that pediatric treatment is of the highest order and that it is also cost-effective. Quality - care is emphasized and outlook is towards healthy recovery of the child with minimal trauma.

We live in a challenging medical field where new innovations and techniques are the order of the day, and Deccan has strived hard to ensure that the patients have accessibility to best medical care.

Parents worry a lot when their child is sick and are constantly in search of best medical care. Deccan is the answer for all their troubles.

Future Plans:

Deccan plans to have more new-born incubators and to encourage more OPD patients.

A healthy child means a healthy nation. Deccan is totally committed to provide the best in child-care. Providing the best child care is very essential. Having a sick child, then Deccan is the best venue to be there for professional care. No need to worry as your child is in the best hands at Deccan. Deccan goes all the way through to take care of the sick child.

The management is very focused on providing infrastructure that benefits the patient.